Recherche Beauté Aura Cleanser Cashmere Cleansing Balm

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A luxurious, non-foaming, Gold, Pearl and Cashmere infused crème cleansing balm that delivers instant hydration, calming and nourishing benefits while simultaneously detoxifying the skin, minimizing pores, oxygenating and brightening. It breaks down and emulsifies make-up, removing excess oil, dirt and debris and helps protect against moisture loss and irritation, leaving skin cleansed, radiant, nourished, toned, and lifted. Tested safe for use on eyes, it also removes waterproof formulas. This ultimate cleansing balm also doubles as a luxurious hydrating facial treatment masque. Leave on skin for 15 minutes to reveal extraordinarily plump, soft and illuminated skin to enhance the light of your aura.  Dermatologically Tested. 

1.7 fl oz | 50 ml


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