May Lindstrom Honey Mud

Combining super hero ingredients like Honey, Colloidal Silver, Macadamia Nut Oil, White Halloysite Clay and a medley of calming essential oils this mask and cleanser is a true hero product. When your skin is looking for that extra bit of love and hydration The Honey Mud is the product to turn to. This mask packs a punch infusing your skin with active enzymes and nourishment. Great for redness, rosacea, mature and sunburnt skin. Thanks, May Lindstrom, for this insane skin treat! 

May Lindstrom's Story: 

Model and make up artist May Lindstrom developed a luxurious skin care line that truly makes you glow. Lindstrom, who developed severe chemical sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis, and allergies as a young girl and still suffers from them today, remembers just touching the soap by the sink at school and having a reaction. After a career in modeling and makeup artistry led her to create products that she could use on set, she decided to start her own line. She spent 3 years researching and developing this gorgeous line of face oil, body oil, and various skin masks. She uses all bio dynamic, organic and natural ingredients without any chemicals. The result: A combinations of truly curative products that feel anything but medicinal, with wildly luxurious textures, packaging, and yes, even scents. 

Gluten Free. Bees at work. Not suitable for vegans. Contains nuts.



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