Recherche Beauté Aura Absolue Active Elixir Tonic

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This luxurious Gold, Platinum, Silver and Pearl infused anti-aging and radiance elixir softens the skin with powerful vitamin-enriched antioxidants within a calming base of Lavender Flower Water, distilled by one of the oldest parfumeries in Grasse, France. Hyaluronic Acid and Bamboo Extract immerses the skin with extraordinary hydration, while purifying sacred botanicals such as White Turmeric, Raspberry and Amla penetrate deeply into the skin, enhancing the efficacy of your skincare ritual. Innovative 15% Vitamin C Molecule Complex, and Camu Camu Berry, which contains 30 times the Vitamin C of an orange, helps promote cellular energy and metabolism while supporting collagen production, brightening, and tightening the skin for an absolutely firmer, more youthful aura.

3.4 fl oz | 100 ml



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